RavenCon - Online Gaming Convention Ticket

RavenCon - Online Gaming Convention Ticket

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Welcome to RavenCon, the online tabletop gaming convention,  where your avatar can walk around an online coffee shop, meet and interact with fellow gamers, and connect to virtual tabletops.

Saturday, 2 March 2024


Ticket will be delivered via SendOwl immediately after purchase. The ticket will include login links and password for the event.


What Games Can I Play?


HeroQuest is the much-beloved classic adventure game of orcs, barbarians, and dungeon-crawling. The main adventure system is fully built out in the VTT and ready to play. Keep your character between quests and play through the entire core set.


Shadowdark is the old-school RPG developed by Kelsey Dionne. It raised over $1.3 million on Kickstarter from over 13,000 backers. Wondering what it is all about? The game is ready to sit down and play.  Come and explore the darkness!


Wizard's Quest

Wizard's Quest is a classic Avalon Hill game where you control vast armies warring over a fantastic island with rampaging orcs, a crazy wizard, and a hungry dragon. Will you be the first to capture the treasure necessary to be crowned king?

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike was TSR's answer to HeroQuest, and yes, it is the one that came with the VHS tape shot in "HyperReality" that has become such a cult classic. This is classic D&D in tabletop form. Come experience retro DnD at the gaming table.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Werewolf is an incredibly popular light-weight, fast, and fun social deduction game that can be played in only 10 minutes. A werewolf is prowling the town. Can you determine which player it is?

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is one of the best social deduction games on the market. It is 1930s Weimar Germany and one player is secretly Hitler. You do NOT want to elect him chancellor. Can the liberal legislatures root out the fascists from their ranks before it is too late?

And More to Come!

Check out what is going on, create your own, and reserve seats at the table.

Want to learn more?

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