• Settlers of Catan Meets Risk in "War of Kings"

    What would happen if Settlers of Catan met Risk? That is basically the question that my brother, Seth, and I pondered when we were designing our first boardgame together. We played a lot of Settlers of Catan back when it was all the rage, but, like so many of you, we really wanted to be able to send an army across the island to raze someone’s town, especially when they built in exactly the spot that you needed. Likewise, we used to play Risk quite a bit, especially when we were younger. But, one of the problems with that game is that there was not a resource or construction element to it, just the mechanics of getting reinforcement armies. We wanted to blend those concepts together in a game, because we wanted to design the kind of game that we wanted to play.
  • Goodnight Sword is on Amazon, Plus Sign Up to Get it in Hardback

    Two major updates on Goodnight Sword today! First, the digital edition of Goodnight Sword is now on Amazon. Goodnight Sword is the first book in Ta...