Goodnight Sword is on Amazon, Plus Sign Up to Get it in Hardback

Two major updates on Goodnight Sword today! First, the digital edition of Goodnight Sword is now on Amazon. Goodnight Sword is the first book in Tales of Rabivania and is geared for the youngest fans of Rabivania. I think there is a certain type of geek who would want to read Goodnight Sword to their children and we hope everyone everywhere loves it!

Goodnight Sword is a new medieval-themed bedtime story set in a world of rabbits, inspired by the beloved children's classic.

In the great hall of the castle, tucked away in his blanket is little Pate, a page of the hall. "Goodnight sword, goodnight gourd," he says to them and all the comforting things about him in the castle as a fire flickers and a minstrel softly strums his lyre. From the guards, the dagger, the iron hauberk, the helm and the squire who diligently polishes it, the knights, the old soldier, the fair maiden who granted him her favor, and every rabbit in the world, little Pate says goodnight.

Second, we have launched a sign-up for hardback physical copies of Goodnight Sword. If you would like one, please sign up with an email address right here. Product-specific signups like this are very important because Ravenkeep is such a small operation. Once the interest in the book reaches critical mass, we can have a print run done for the book.

We need to know that there is sufficient interest in the product, we can put it into production. There is no need to pay any anything now. All you have to do is sign up with an email address and then I will let you know when the pre-order is live.

There is so much going on and we hope, and we hope you and your enjoy Goodnight Sword as much as we do! And if you pick it up on Amazon, a review would be extremely helpful!

P.S.: If you have not already seen it, we produced a lightly animated audio book for Goodnight Sword that we posted to YouTube. This is the first animated short we have produced at Ravenkeep and we learned a lot by producing it. We are looking forward to doing more of these kinds of animation for much more to come in Tales of Rabivania!